Cameo Technology Management, Inc.
Randolph, NJ
"The missing peace in your business's technology"
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We help with: IT Decisions • Phones • IT budgets • Data Security • Networks &# 8226; Desktops • Imaging • Business Process • IT Process • ITIL • Six Sigma • IT Project Management • Servers • IT Personnel Development • HIPAA Compliance • PCI Compliance • Privacy Compliance • IT Investment Planning • Enterprise Architecture Planning • Record Management • Information Quality • Business and IT Plan Rationalization • IT Vendor Management • IT Resilience • Disaster Recovery &# 8226; Trading Room Architecture ••• and more!

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We serve Northern and Central NJ, Metropolitan NY and Eastern PA.
This includes: Morris, Essex, Union, Somerset, Passaic, Warren and Sussex counties.
Would you benefit from a knowledgeable, impartial, trusted advisor for your business's Technology?

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As a small to mid-sized business owner or CEO, do you ever ask yourself these critical questions?
  • Is my IT cost as low as it could be? Read about our ability to reduce costs
  • Will my technology be outdated in two years? Is there something I need to do now?
  • I'm installing a new system, but how do I know which vendor is really the best choice? Read about how to make critical choices
  • I feel like I'm constantly being volleyed between my IT vendors and service providers. Can't this problem just be solved?
  • Does my IT plan support my business plan?
  • Where would be the very best place to spend the next IT dollar?
  • Are there new IT developments that I should know about?
  • Is my IT resilient enough to suffer a shock without putting me out of business?
  • Does my IT get in the way of my doing business?
  • Are my IT staff current in their knowledge?
  • If my IT staff walked, would my secrets go too?

Yes?     Then Cameo Technology Management is the missing peace in your business's technology.

You can build a house without an architect, but it would be foolish. You can manage you IT without an expert, an impartial trusted advisor - but it can be costly in terms of your time and dollars.

Cameo Technology Management works on a retainer as needed basis in a fiduciary arrangement. There are no costs usually associated with hiring a full-time employee. Yet, we will always be there ready to help you, when needed.

We can help with:

  • one-time executive decisions or
  • managing the IT growth of a new or emerging company.

You will most likely benefit from our collaboration in three ways:

  • Dollars saved - no more wasting money on unnecessary, mismanaged or just wrong technology;
  • Maxamized precious time - spend your time doing what you do and enjoy best - running your business, and
  • Peace of mind - You will never have to worry about or second-guess your IT decisions again.

Lets meet and discuss how CTM can help with your business technology needs.

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